BAR Podcast Episode 3: Clippers Sell for $2 Billion!

In this episode:
– Craig and Nick discuss the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for just over $2 Billion.
– What does the sale mean for the league?
– Can the Clippers overtake the Lakers for dominance in L.A.?
– Does Craig feel sorry for Seattle basketball fans?
– The Heat advance to the NBA Finals. Is this the worst Heat time in LeBron’s era?
– Are we finally over “The Decision?” Has LeBron James redeemed himself?
– Is the Triple Crown in horse racing that impressive? Is horse racing even a sport?
– Was 50 Cent’s terrible first pitch the worst ever?

– Oregon and Oregon State’s baseball teams, and Oregon’s softball team advance to the College World Series. How amazing and unlikely is that?
– Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington is suspended a year for pot. Is the punishment appropriate?