Episode 11: MLB Hall of Fame Controversy

In this episode, Craig and Nick talk about why Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame is flawed, and Craig gets heated up. Here’s the rundown:

– MLB Hall of Fame. Why do sportswriters think they “know” which players took PEDs?
– Craig gives us a follow-up to his recent rant on golf, and why it’s not as popular as everyone said it would be after the Tiger Woods phenomenon.
– Nick talks about his trip to both of Los Angeles’s baseball stadiums – Dodger Stadium and Angels Stadium – in the same day. Plus, who are LA sports fans so annoying?
– Speaking of stadiums, Craig talks about his favorite and least favorites across the country.
– Why the Marshawn Lynch holdout is destined to be a disaster for him.
– The Seattle Mariners pick up Kendrys Morales. Is it enough?
– Plus, the travesty that is the Ray Rice suspension by the NFL.

Mike Trout Garden Gnome Night at Angels Stadium: