Episode 18 – Do Ducks Fans Appreciate Marcus Mariota?

After a brief hiatus, Craig and Nick return for more arguments about college football. Do Oregon Ducks fans really understand what they have in quarterback Marcus Mariota? Craig doesn’t think so, and perhaps that reflects on the changing expectations of the Oregon program.

– Derek Jeter nears retirement, and Craig gets wistful.
– More debate over whether the Pac-12 is anywhere close to as good as the SEC.
– Columbian reporter Paul Valencia tweets out that Oregon State is where players should go who want to make the NFL, whereas Oregon is all about uniforms. Nick has a problem with that.
– Lebron James makes an appearance in Portland to promote his new shoes, and Craig talks about the event, and LeBron’s demeanor.

We’re glad to be back, and it may be sporadic, but stay tuned!