Episode 23: The Future of the Oregon Ducks

Wow, what a packed show!  Nick and Craig talk Oregon football, and what comes next after this year’s loss in the National Championship Game.  Here’s a quick rundown of the show:

  • Craig talks about what it was like to be in Dallas for the National Championship Game.
  • Major League Baseball inducts Hall of Fame members.  Craig has some issues with who they did, and who they didn’t let in.
  • The LA Clippers get rid of 3 players to bring in Austin Rivers, son of coach Doc Rivers.  Is that a mistake?
  • Are Ducks fans disappointed enough that they lost?
  • Would having a healthy team have made a difference?
  • How does Oregon get over the hump in the future?
  • How good should we expect them to be next year?
  • Which quarterback would you draft: Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston?

Photos from Craig’s trip to Dallas: