Episode 25: Super Bowl Reaction

Nick and Craig react to the Super Bowl and its wild finish. Among the many things on the podcast:
– They talk about the party Nick threw for the Super Bowl, which resulted in these photos:

– How bad a call was that final pass play?
– After distasteful touchdown celebrations, is it fair to call the Seahawks classless?
– Craig expands on his Video Blog on how the NFL treats its fans like fools, and how we take it, even though we shouldn’t.
– Is the NFL doing enough with its “No More” anti-domestic violence campaign? Is it paying the issue lip service, or is raising awareness enough? An interesting Deadspin article outlines some of the problems.
– Why don’t we care as much as we used to about college basketball?
– How good is the Oregon State women’s basketball team (ranked #7 in the country), and why aren’t more people talking about them?