Episode 42: Blazers Playoff Hopes

In this episode, Craig and Nick talk about the Portland Trail Blazers and what they can realistically hope for in the playoffs.  Is it a good thing they appear like they’re going to make it?

  • If the Blazers do make the playoffs, who should they want to play?  Can they beat anyone?
  • Is the MVP chant for Damian Lillard at Blazers games ridiculous?
  • Are the Oregon Ducks men’s basketball team real contenders this year?  How far can they go?
  • Is the NCAA tournament any fun this year, without any dominant teams to watch?
  • Will Oregon State make the tourney?  Should they?
  • How excited are we for baseball, now that spring training has started?
  • Should Peyton Manning retire?
  • We talk Oscars!