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birnbach's always right podcast

Episode 19: Ducks vs. Huskies

Craig and Nick talk college football before one of the biggest rivalries in college football: Oregon Ducks vs. Washington Huskies. But is it really a rivalry anymore? Plus: – Should…

birnbach's always right podcast

Episode 18 – Do Ducks Fans Appreciate Marcus Mariota?

After a brief hiatus, Craig and Nick return for more arguments about college football. Do Oregon Ducks fans really understand what they have in quarterback Marcus Mariota? Craig doesn’t think…

birnbach's always right podcast

BAR Podcast Episode 4: Is Wayne Tinkle the Right Choice at Oregon State?

In this episode: – Craig and Nick debate whether Wayne Tinkle, formerly head coach at Montana, was the best choice to be the new mens basketball coach at Oregon State…