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birnbach's always right podcast

Episode 33: Mariota’s Pro Debut and More

It’s the dog days of summer, but Craig and Nick have a lot to talk about! ┬áIn this episode, we break down Marcus Mariota’s pro debut with the Tennessee Titans,…

birnbach's always right podcast

Episode 32: Should Blazers Fans Have Faith in Neil Olshey?

Craig and Nick are talking Trail Blazers, among other things: – Is Neil Olshey doing a good job as GM of the Portland Trail Blazers? – Is Serena Williams the…

birnbach's always right podcast

Podcast Episode 8: Soccer Fans vs. Soccer Haters

In this episode, Craig and Nick talk about a lot, including: – Is Nick, a non-soccer fan, enjoying the World Cup? – Can soccer fans and soccer haters peacefully co-exist?…